Toaster Ovens

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What is a toaster oven?

Toaster ovens are countertop-sized electric appliances resembling miniature ovens, making them convenient for toasting, warming, broiling, baking, and cooking a variety of foods. Much like a standard full-sized kitchen oven, they use electric heating elements to heat the internal air, cooking food with radiant heat as they work.

Although their operation is nearly identical to standard ovens, toaster ovens have a number of features and advantages: a shorter pre-heating (warm-up) time, lower energy consumption, timers, specialty cooking mode features, and easier cleanup.

Modern toaster ovens may also include air fryer cooking operation via a fan allowing hot air to circulate, cooking the food by convection heating. While microwave ovens are ideal for fast warm-up or cooking of certain foods, they cannot crisp or toast foods as a toaster oven can.

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