Essential Oil Diffusers

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What is an essential oil diffuser?

An essential oil diffuser (also called an aromatherapy diffuser, aroma lamp, or simply a diffuser) is a type of aromatherapy device that breaks down and disperses natural essential oils into a room’s air as they work. The result is a pleasant aroma, relaxation, and stress reduction, or health benefits.

There are four main types of aromatherapy diffusers:

  • Ultrasonic (humidifying) diffusers: This type, one of the most popular, is very similar to cool mist humidifiers in that they both use an ultrasonic transducer to convert stored water to a fine mist, carrying the oil with it. This type also often offers pleasant style, color, and lighting options.
  • Nebulizing diffusers: These somewhat less common types work using pressurized air to diffuse oil as a mist. Vacuum pulls the oil to the surface in a tube which creates an aroma in the air. They don’t require heat or water which makes them easier for the lack of maintenance.
  • Evaporative diffusers: These work by 1) simple evaporation (like reed sticks in a jar with oil) or 2) by use of a small fan which helps release the oil into the air as it evaporates. They’re good for occasional aromatic use, and very simple in operation, but not ideal for around-the-clock aromatherapy.
  • Heat diffusers: These rely on heat, either from a candle, a lamp ring, or an electric warming element to the essential oil into an airborne gas that brings the aroma around you. They’re silent in operation and easy to use, too.
Note: As they’re one of the most popular in use today and very common in stores, many topics related to diffusers will actually be for ultrasonic types specifically.

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