The Best Air Fryers

On this main page you’ll find recommendations, organized by category, for the best air fryers.

What makes a good air fryer?

A good air fryer, even a more basic model, will have several things to look for: 1) good built quality, 2), reliability, and 3) good & relatively even cooking with sufficient heat. Additionally, one more thing to look for is a durable non-stick coating on the food basket as some lesser quality models may not last over time.

Ultimately, however, it’s not just those basics you should consider but rather the features you need. For example, models with digital controls offer presets, timers, and reminders that make cooking easier and less likely to turn out poorly. 

Additionally, don’t forget that air fryers are available in different cooking capacities, usually listed in quarts. While smaller models are fine for single people or snacks or smaller meals, families will likely need a larger model. In that case spending a bit more would be expected (although not a lot more).

Air fryer categories

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