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Hi there! My name is Grant and I’m an engineer by trade. I’m here and ready to answer questions or comments you may have.

My background

Since I was young I’ve been a tinkerer. I fixed (and broke!) a lot of things along the way.

It’s very rewarding then you try new things, learn what works and what doesn’t, and see the importance of doing your research before spending money.

You and I probably have a lot in common – I love fresh air and a comfortable home to live in as well as my office at work.

It’s about improving your home & your quality of life

One of the most important things in life, I believe, is to have a place where you feel good, relax, and can be free from dirty, allergy-causing air.

I absolutely love having a fresh, great smelling house to come home to!

GermGuardian AC4825 vs ac5000 rear view comparison
Writing good, honest, and truly helpful information that you can use is hard work but I enjoy it. It’s not always easy, but it’s fun to learn new things, try new products, and answer questions people are searching for answers to.

I enjoy finding out what people are searching for to provide helpful, sensible, and friendly information that makes a difference. Sometimes it’s a headache trying to find answers so I know how it feels!

Things I’ve learned over time

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I’ve found that the most expensive products aren’t always the best…and the cheapest aren’t always the worst when it comes to products for your home.

Over the years I’ve come to learn that everyone – no matter how rich or poor they are – deserve to be treated with the same amount of respect. They also deserve honest reviews and information with their best interests in mind.

That’s where I come in.

How I can help you

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My goal is to help you find answers to your questions and share great buying advice to help you get the best for your money.

I’ve spent a lot of time, money, research, and testing to provide you with real, solid information and buying advice that matters. Really and truly I want you to get the best value for your dollar as well as to learn things that can improve your quality of life.

After all, it’s your home, and your life. Don’t you deserve a fresher home?

Browse my site, enjoy your stay, and you’re always welcome to reach out and say “Hi”!