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Hi there! My name is Grant, and I’m an engineer by trade.

My background

Since the time I was a little boy back home, I was a tinkerer, fixed (and broke!) a lot of things, and learned quite a bit about how things are built and designed along the way. I’ve earned quite a bit of experience with trying things, learning what works and what doesn’t, and doing my homework before spending money.

You and I probably have a lot in common – I love fresh air and a comfortable home to live in as well as my office at work. One of the most important things in life, I believe, is to have a place where you feel good, can relax, and are free from dirty, allergy-causing air, bad lighting, and so much more. I love having a fresh, great smelling house to come home to!

Things I’ve learned over time

I’ve found that the most expensive is not always the best, and the worst is not always the cheapest when it comes to products for your home.

How I’d love to help you

My goal is to help you find what suits you best and will help you make the best decision for you. I’ll share what I know as well to help you know more too! After all, I really enjoy helping others become happier and having a nicer day.

Have a look around and please feel free to contact me if you have questions or comments. And as I always like to say, “Make tomorrow even better than today!”