The Best White Noise Machines For Office Privacy And Cubicles – 5 Great Choices Worth Every Penny!

Here you’ll find a list of 5 of the best white noise machines for office and cubicle privacy. Not only can you get the best for your money, but there’s also lots of great info below to help understand what they do & how they work.

What is “white noise”?

White noise graph image example

A graph showing the range of sound that makes up what we call “white noise.” Basically, it’s a way of describing a range of sounds of nearly equal volume that cover a large range your ears can hear. It’s also used in other areas of science, although for most people it’s simply a large combination of sound frequencies that can block out unwanted noise.

White noise has some wonderful uses but it’s sometimes confused or misunderstood.

Basically, white noise is the production of audio frequencies over the entire range of human hearing. Because of this, it’s capable of covering up sounds that would distract you or cause problems at work otherwise.

Noises you may hear every day like coworkers talking, outdoor sounds, music, and more are produced in a limited range of audio frequencies. White noise, however, is produced over the entire range of audio your ears and brain can interpret.

It has many uses, and they’re especially important for areas where privacy and focus are needed. A great example is client meetings where a company speaks privately in a quiet room with professionals about sensitive personal matters or confidential information.

Note: The term “white noise” is sometimes confused with and used interchangeably with brown noise or pink noise, which aren’t the same.

These other color names are used to describe sound patterns of different types. For the purposes of this post, although many noise machines produce brown noise (or other sounds), I’ll refer to it as white noise as is commonly done.

White noise machine benefits

Cubicle with quite please sign

Don’t resort to extremes to get privacy! White noise machines are a non-intrusive way to protect your personal and business-related conversations.

Like many people out there, I’m easily distracted while at work and find the gentle, constant sounds of a fan or other noise source to be helpful.

It’s a bit difficult to concentrate when there are coworkers around you making sounds from talking, eating, coughing, and many other annoying sounds. Believe me, I’ve definitely been very bothered by these in the past, so I know exactly how it feels!

Because of this, I’ve learned exactly how beneficial white noise machines are and I use them regularly.

How sound machines help at work

Sound machines (white noise machines) are great when you need privacy at work:

  • Blocking coworkers talking
  • Eliminating distracting background sounds
  • Putting you in a better, low-stress mood
  • They help with attention & concentration problems
  • A great alternative for inconvenient fans

They’re also excellent for use at home or while traveling on the job as well. Many are small enough to be easily packed in a backpack or travel bag.

Because of how the human brain works, outside sound naturally causes us to divert our attention away from what we’re doing. While that’s great when you are outdoors or doing different activities, when you’re working it can be a real nuisance as you’ll lose productivity and feel more and more stressed.

While many people often use small fans for the same purpose, white noise machines are better as they’re able to provide a wider variety of sounds to help you relax. Most are very energy-efficient, too.

How white noise machines work

How to block outside sounds white noise diagram

Sounds machines produce white noise of different types that cover a wide range in the audio spectrum. This means that the sound they produce can cover up (and effectively block) distracting sounds. When the nearby sound at your workplace or cubicle is equal to or less than the volume blocked by the white noise you’ll no longer notice it. It’s a great way to solve the aggravating problem of distractions.

White noise machines work by creating sound patterns that mask or cover up, unwanted noise. This effectively means you’ll never hear them and it’s as if they’re eliminated.

As long as the noise in question (for example, a machine nearby or coworkers talking) has a volume level that’s about the same or less than the volume of the white noise the sound will be effectively eliminated.

This works because our brains can’t tell a widely mixed range of sounds apart – there’s just too much audio information to process. Instead, the distracting noises around you at work will no longer be noticed by your brain and you won’t be distracted by them.

This process is called masking and is the same principle used for noise-canceling headphones and some other products.

For example, if you’ve got a TV, radio, and a fan on all at the same time can you tell the sounds apart? No, and that’s the basic principle behind how they work.

In the workplace, it can be especially difficult to block sound without disturbing others. While using an electric fan is one option, they can be cumbersome and don’t always work well in all environments or situations.

How sound machines generate noise

Sound (white noise) machines generate masking sounds in one of 2 ways typically:

  1. Electromechanical devices
  2. Solid-state electronics and a speaker

Years ago electromechanical designs were the most common type sold. Thanks to today’s technology they’re rarer.

Most consist of a type of compact fan assembly and an electric motor. When the fan spins rapidly the device generates a type of white noise due to specially designed air passageways. Some also allow adjustment of the sound tone and/or volume.

Electronic vs electromechanical sound machines

Image of electromechanical vs electronic sound machines compared

Electronic (also called solid-state) models use integrated circuit components to generate a pre-determined noise pattern. The sound generator circuit board drives a speaker and produces sound as well as allows an adjustable volume level.

These types typically also offer a number of selectable sound types like nature sounds, fan sounds, or other audio choices depending on your preferences.

Both types have their advantages and disadvantages.

  • While electromechanical types are very simple to use they need more electricity than electronic models. They also don’t offer the sound options other types do.
  • Electronic sound machines are a bit more complicated to use (but still user-friendly) and use an artificially generated noise pattern scheme. While for some people this is perfectly fine, some prefer the “whoosh” sound of the fan in an electromechanical model.

Additionally, in some cases, electronic-based white noise machines don’t provide the bass-blocking ability of electromechanical models.

It’s very important to pick a well-designed unit, as the human voice contains bass frequencies and can be one of the most annoying (and distracting) sound types at work.

It’s important to pick well-designed and proven models.

How many white noise machines should I get?

White noise machine hallway placement diagram

When blocking sound in an entire work area, one approach I’ve seen used is to “stagger” white noise machines in the hallway outside as shown above. In that case, you’ll need 2 machines for every 3 offices/cubicles or so. Otherwise, just plan on getting 1 for each individual office or cubicle as needed.

The number of white noise machines you’ll need depends on your sound levels at work and your work situation.

I recommend the following, generally:

  • 1 per cubicle or office
  • For multiple-office use, 2 for every 3 placed in between entrances

Marpac, a manufacturer of some of the most popular models, recommends one machine for every 300 square feet of room size (roughly a 10 x 30 foot office).

However, if you need much larger coverage and sound blocking ability, a great idea is to place them in the central hallway or the walking area between offices. I’ve seen them used effectively in offices placed on the floor in a staggered fashion rather than in the offices.

For that, expect to use about 2 for every 3 office doors, placed alternately on each opposing side. See the image above for an illustration.

For workrooms or offices where less is needed, about 2 should work well unless the bothersome sounds are much worse.

★ 5 great white noise machines for office and cubicle privacy ★

Our top picks at a glance

Adaptive Sound LectroFan
  • One of the best and under $50! 20 white noise, fan, and nature sounds
  • Solid-state design works from AC or USB power
  • Precise volume control, simple buttons. Several color choices
Check On Amazon →See Customer Reviews →
Marpac Dohm Classic
  • Super-simple operation and classic white noise you'll love
  • Two speeds + adjustable sound control for your needs
  • A top seller. Available in 3 styles
Check On Amazon →See Customer Reviews →
SNOOZ Sound Machine
  • Full smart phone Bluetooth remote control (free app)
  • Classic natural white noise + modern features
  • Timer, night light, and nursery calibration too
Check On Amazon →See Customer Reviews →
Avantek Sound Machine
  • Solid state design. 20 sound choices + 30 volume levels
  • 7 timer settings great for sleep or naps!
  • Simple controls just like MP3 player
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Big Red Rooster
  • Under $30! Great value: 6 sleep or study sounds
  • Features self-off timer w/ 3 settings
  • Great for travel: AC or 3xAA battery power
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Product reviews and details

1. Adaptive Sound Technologies LectroFan – Feature-packed and a great all-around value.

Best white noise machine for therapy office editors choice image
Looking for a great buy? The LectroFan from Adaptive Sound Technologies has a wide range of features thanks to its smart design and great acoustical sound technology.

It’s a great value, too!

The Lectrofan uses modern solid-state electronics along with a responsive central speaker to produce effective, soothing white noise that’s great for an office.

It’s also one of the best-rated and best-selling models today! 

You’ll get a total of 20 great noise masking sounds:

  • 10 fan sounds
  • 10 ambient noise patterns (white noise, brown noise, and more)

What I really love about the LectroFan are the fan sounds it produces. Instead of producing only one like many competitors, it provides several: box fan, oscillating fan, and a low-tone, mellow-sounding fan.

Ambient noise variations such as “coral”, “tan”, and “pure white” are unique sounds that let you pick from a cool variety to help you relax or get work done undistracted.

Don’t worry – no costly batteries are needed! You can power it right from a USB port or 120V power outlet. A UK/European Union voltage model is available as well.

LectroFan white noise machine black color

Don’t care for the white model? The LectroFan is available in a nice-looking black version as well.

Convenience features

There’s a 60 minute auto-off timer provided to make operation hassle-free. Push-Button control allows fine-tuned raising and lowering of the volume anytime you like.

As there aren’t any moving parts to fail, you’ll get years of trouble-free enjoyment out of it. Sound quality is good as the high-fidelity speaker design provides some of the best you’ll get in this price range.

  • 10 simulated fan sounds
  • 10 ambient sounds
  • Low power consumption
  • AC or USB power
  • Good volume adjustment control
  • 60 minute timer
  • High-fidelity speaker design
  • No internal moving parts
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Timer is not adjustable (60 minutes only)
  • Tan color not available
  • Slightly more complex to use
  • No nature sounds like ocean, rain, or wind

I highly recommend it if you’

It’s a great performer and a great all-around value. I like it enough to give it my Editor’s Choice recommendation and I’m confident you’ll love it too.

Have a look now! Find out why it's one of the best-reviewed and best-selling units at Amazon.

2. Marpac Dohm Classic – A classic favorite that’s simple to use

Marpac Dohm Classic white noise machine 1

I’ve owned and tested one of the most popular white noise machines you’ll find today – the Marpac Dohm Classic. I’m happy to say it’s a great one

With the classic design, you’ll get traditional design elements the simple-to-use and reliable electromechanical setup provides. It uses a motor and fan-based generator to produce natural, real white noise.

There’s a simple on-off switch with 2 volume positions – no complicated controls to fuss with! Put the switch into one of two positions and enjoy a relaxing and distraction-free work or office environment.

Marpac Dohm Classic blackFeaturing a basic yet elegant design the Dohm classic is a great-looking model. You can also pick from black and tan color options too.

Want a different sound tone? Just rotate the outside shell that allows you to change the white noise sound as you do. Rotating the cover adjusts airflow vents to control the pitch of the white noise as it runs.

It’s a great little unit and I enjoyed owning and testing it. I do have one minor complaint, however: there’s no option to power it from a USB port. You’ll need to use a 120V outlet for it.

  • Extremely easy to use
  • Available in 3 colors: white, black, tan
  • Many happy buyers
  • Effective and natural white noise produced
  • 2 volumes available (2 speed positions)
  • Adjustable sound control
  • Classic, simple, and reliable design
  • 1 year warranty
  • Great customer service from Marpac
  • No variable volume – 2 positions only
  • Cannot produce simulated nature sound like some electronic models
  • No timer or auto-off features

Hands down it’s one of the most popular and easiest-to-use white noise machines out there, and I highly recommend it. Especially for people who just want a simple, basic, and good sound machine.

Be sure to see the many great buyer reviews over Amazon today.

3. Snooz White Noise Sound Machine – A stylish compromise of features plus classic technology…the best of both worlds!

Snooz white noise machine image 1Ready for one of the best? The Snooz white noise machine is a more advanced white noise machine that marries classic sound generation with today’s convenience features.

It uses a brushless electric motor driving a computer-designed internal fan to deliver great white noise and help you work better and enjoy your day without distractions. Select from 10 great volume settings.

Similar to the Marpac Dohm product, it’s easy to customize the type of sound your Snooz makes by simply twisting the outside body.

Snooz white noise machine rotation diagram

The Snooz’s sound production is easily adjustable. Want a different white noise sound tone? Just twist the outside housing and listen as the pitch and noise type changes. Touch controls are provided and are clearly marked, making operation a snap.

It’s one of the best for adequate volume sold today! You’ll get from a low 46dB to a high 87dB of volume – all your choice using the 10-step volume feature.

Sound quality is great and it’s one of the best I’ve found for masking noises at the office or workplace like coworkers speaking, printers, and much, much more. I like both the sound and how it helps me focus.

Snooz white noise machine phone app image

Advanced control & features are included! You can control one – or more – Snooz noise machines from the convenience of your smartphone. A free app interface allows you to control all your white noise machines either at work or at home. Easily adjust volume, on & off times, or more anytime you like.

While the features and performance I mentioned alone are great, there’s even more! A Bluetooth feature allows easy control of all major functions from your Android or iPhone device using the free app.

An amazing auto on-off scheduler allows hands-free automatic operation every day so you won’t even have to turn it on or off yourself.  To add even more convenience, you can control multiple units from one phone.

Very nice!

It’s a great little unit and it’s available it two classy, style-friendly color choices too. Overall while it’s more expensive than other models, I think it’s one of the best today and definitely an excellent choice.

  • Bluetooth smartphone remote control (iPhone, Android)
  • Adjustable sound/tone
  • Simple operation
  • Touch controls
  • Natural white noise production
  • Brushless long-life motor
  • Two colors to choose
  • Low power consumption (9W)
  • Operate multiple rooms from phone app
  • 10-level volume control
  • Great performance and sound masking ability
  • Auto-scheduling feature
  • Great for travel
  • Limited to 10-step volume control
  • No black or white model available
  • No WiFi option
  • Cannot operate scheduling without phone app
  • More expensive than others
  • No USB power option

Is it the cheapest? Certainly not. However, it’s simply one of the best-sounding, best-performing noise machines you can get today.

The smartphone control features clearly set it apart from the pack, and I love it.

It’s a winner, as you can clearly see from the excellent buyer reviews and great feedback at Amazon.

4. Avantek White Noise Basic – A smart, affordable compromise between features, performance, and convenience

Avantek white noise machine basic black model image

Need something affordable but that’s still a great value? The Avantek White Noise Basic is a smart choice for your money.

I’ve found it to be a great compromise between sound production, quality, features, and convenience. For below $50 it’s well worth having a look at.

The volume control is also one of the best available, providing 30 increments to perfectly set the level exactly where needed. It’s also one of the loudest, too, with up to a whopping 115dB of volume at maximum.

That’s much more than nearly all the competition can provide!

A great built-in memory feature means that at the next use it will restore the previous settings you used – very nice! You won’t need to fumble around with it every day when getting your workday started.

Avantek white noise machine basic white model image
Don’t care for the black version? That’s ok! The Avantek Basic is available in a more traditional white version, too. The Basic is one of the best inexpensive white noise machines I’ve had the pleasure to use.

I like the nice-looking satin black finish and blue trim on top, although I realize that’s not for everyone. The great news is that you can also choose from the white version as well so it’s not really a problem.

The controls are really easy to use – move the volume up or down as well as change the current sound type by using the top-mounted buttons. What I really like about it is the familiar and intuitive design: buttons are extremely similar to those used on an MP3 player.

You’ll get a wonderful choice of 20 sound options to keep office distractions in check:

  • 6 fan choices
  • 6 white noise choices
  • 8 nature sound selections

That’s not all though – there’s also an auto-off timer that allows you to turn it on and walk away. After the selected time it will turn itself off automatically.

  • 18 month warranty
  • Simple controls – similar to MP3 player
  • Volume adjustment up/down buttons
  • Auto-off timer: 1-7 hours
  • 20 sounds available
  • Memory function for restoring last settings automatically
  • 2 color choices (black, white)
  • AC power or USB power inputs
  • Soft-fade volume decrease at end of timer
  • Non-looping sounds (continuous without breaks)
  • Auto-off timer LED indicator lights (indicates hour selection)
  • Lower power use
  • 7-hour auto-off timer is a bit short for typical sleep
  • No smartphone control
  • Can’t adjust sound tones – plays fixed sound types
  • No headphone jack
  • No touch controls
  • Ambient sound options only available in the Pro model

If you’re on a budget and don’t want low quality but a good performer and great value, I recommend the Avantek Basic.

It’s a nice little model. Buy with confidence, as it has a close to 95% satisfaction rating over at Amazon.

5. Big Red Rooster BRRC107 Sound Machine – A good low-cost basic choice

Big Red Rooster BRRC107 sound machine image 1

Tight on money, or don’t want to spend a lot on a sound machine for your office? Here’s a great option.

The Big Red Rooster BRRC107 can definitely help you get work done better without breaking the bank.

The BRRC107 can generate 6 different background sounds:

  • Rain
  • Gentle brook
  • Thunder
  • White noise
  • Ocean sounds
  • Summer night

Although it may be a budget model, you’ll also get a feature I absolutely love: there’s a convenient auto-off timer with settings for 15, 30, or 60 minutes of operation before it shuts off.

It’s also excellent not just for the office but for travel, too. You can use the included 120V AC power adapter for socket power or use 3 AA batteries when power is out or you’re on the go.

In case the basic white noise sounds aren’t what you’re in the mood for, nature sounds like a gentle brook or rain are a great choice and work well to add a more relaxing atmosphere in your workplace or business.

Big Red Rooster BRRC107 sound machine image 2

I have to say the controls are some of the easiest to use I’ve seen. The direct volume up and down buttons work especially well for adjusting the outside sound blockage quickly.

The sound output quality isn’t as nice as the more expensive competitors I’ve listed here (such as the LectroFan or the Marpac Dohm models) but it’s still good for what you pay. For all but the pickiest buyers I think it’s fine.

My overall opinion? It’s a very good budget model for nearly anyone who needs white noise at work and would like extra options.

  • Small size
  • Simple & clear push button controls
  • 15, 30, and 60 minute auto-off timers
  • Battery power option
  • Travel-ready design
  • 6 sound options
  • Adjustable volume controls
  • Popular model with many good reviews
  • Lower power use
  • Low cost
  • Sound quality could better
  • No additional color options
  • Limited sound choices
  • No smartphone control
  • Timer options are limited
  • No USB power connections

It’s very affordable and I give it a thumbs up. While I would recommend spending a bit more for a better model, it’s still a great option when you can’t spend a lot.

At below $25, it’s hard to beat. Find out the current super-low price at Amazon now.

Our Editor’s choice top model

Best white noise machine for therapy office editors choice image

Hands down, it’s tough to beat the Adaptive Sound Technologies LectroFan model. While classical motor & fan designs have a natural, distinctive sound that most electronic devices can’t match well, the LectroFan impressed me.

Considering the features and sound options (not just white noise, but lots of other sounds I love!) it’s one of the best values I’ve found today. It’s also extremely popular and a best seller!

I highly recommend it. Take a moment and see the outstanding reviews and learn why it's a best-seller at Amazon.

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